Friday, 16 December 2011

Plinxmas Vidvent Calendar - Day 16!

Come with me now on a journey through time, back to the halcyon days of December 2008. Plinx wasn't yet 1 year old and was about to celebrate its first Christmas. D'awwwww. That's when I posted a treasure trove of comic strips featuring Calvin & Hobbes and their... unique snowmen. Anyway, fast-forward to the present day and static images just won't cut it anymore. This is the web circa 2011 and we need moving pictures, dangit!

So it's lucky that a couple of guys with time and talent to spare have created a video tribute to said strips using the twin disciplines of modelling and computer wizardry.

Check it out:

Marvellous. If you like this kind of thing, read a li'l bit about how it was done Here.

See you tomorrow, when it will be ONE WEEK until Christmas Eve. Holy heck.

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