Friday, 30 May 2008

Fall down, go Boom.

As a certain Mr. McManus will know, I recently bought a Wii game called Boom Blox. It is horribly, horribly addictive and a great laugh in multiplayer. Anyway, I just found this online flash version which gives you a taste of the style of gameplay. Also there is a trailer. Now, the instructions are in German, but don't let that put you off. All you need to know is that Spielen means play. Click anywhere to throw a ball at the structure. Try to knock off all the blue things in as few shots as possible. Flash game is Here. More info on the full game (which, if you own a Wii, you really should buy) Here.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Hail to the King, Baby.

So... yeah, the cult horror movie classic 'The Evil Dead' (if you haven't seen it, shame on you) has spawned a musical.

Frankly, I'd cut off my right hand to see it but it's only showing in Toronto so I will have to be content with watching the video on The Official Site. You should too.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

I'm selling out.

Coke and hookers cost money, y'know. So allow me to present a 'viral' video advert for... a phone, I think?
Anyway, it's a bunch of optical illusions and I'm a sucker for them so here goes.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, here's How To Draw An Impossible Triangle. Cool, huh?

Friday, 23 May 2008

Knuckle Sandwich?

New Nitrome game worth your consideration. They really are a consistently innovative online game producer, and that is pretty rare so the least you can do is give them a click. Otherwise they could very well get swallowed up by the thousands of clone games being wheeled out by unimaginative bandwagon-jumpers. Anyway! Play Knuckle Heads.

Also, a nifty little physics based game that I've been enjoying. Use your little car thing to push the ball thing towards the stick thing. Oh, and make your way around the myriad obstacles. It's called SteerWheels and you should play it.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Punctuation, who needs it?

The name 'Yahtzee' will be familiar to the more internet savvy among you but for the sake of those with more developed social lives, I'll explain who it is.
He's a man, a man with a hat. A man with a hat and a weekly web series doing video reviews of games. A man with a hat, a weekly web series doing video reviews of games AND the ability to talk about them very fast and with savage wit. See this example (GTA IV) for proof:

Anyway, if you have no interest in games (shame on you), you won't care about this but if you DO... There are plenty more where that came from. I recommend:
Army Of Two
Guitar Hero III
Assassin's Creed
The Orange Box

Or just browse The Archive.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Whose house? Paul's house!

When I am rich (and let's face it, one day I surely will be. Talents such as mine are few and far between), I intend to have the greatest house ever. When you watch me on Cribs, here are some things you'll probably see:

Something from This Company, for sure. Check out the 'media' tab for some examples. Sorry about the cringeworthy website though.

Also, one of These.

Also, I'll need some pretty heavy door security to keep you peasants out! Naw, just kidding. You can come over. But bring some snacks, at least.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Yeah, but is it Art?

That there was an example of 'The Impossible Art of Li Wei'.
A Chinese performance artist who specialises in photographs of himself doing 'impossible' things. There is no computer jiggery-pokery being used here. Just a blend of props and acrobatics. Anyway, I think they're ace. Click HERE for more from his official website (just click on each image to move on to the next one). Amazing.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Hello everybody. My name is Paul and I am addicted to webcomics. I have over 30 that I peruse regularly, several of them that I check every day. The 'comics' tab on my toolbar stretches the entire height of my monitor. More are added on a fairly regular basis. This dependance is spiraling out of control and something needs to be done.
Instead of the more obvious 'slowly reduce dosage to bring addiction under control' approach, I have decided to adopt the 'trouble shared is a trouble halved' philosophy.

Essentially, if I'm goin' down... I'm taking you all with me!

So yeah, I'm going to direct you to some of my favourites in the hope that you fall into the same trap and I'll have someone to talk nerdy to.

First stop, my favourite poison... Dinosaur Comics.

There are currently 1219 of them, I've read them all. You should too!

Here. Are. Some. Favourites. Enjoy.

Monday, 5 May 2008


Ahoy Hoy, I have been squirreling links away for this blorg, thinking that it would be handy to have a stockpile in case the internet ever goes through a bit of a dry spell, but considering the fact that I have been 'surfing' the 'web' for years now and I don't think I have ever not been able to find something to entertain me, why not just chuck 'em all in here as I find them? So, here are the fruits of my recent excursions into the linky wilderness.

First (and mainly because I don't like to rely too much on video links and by placing this one here, I get the maximum distance between it and the last post that was also a video, thus fooling you into thinking that I am keeping it fresh and funky and f... f... fan-fucking-tastic!), have this video:
It's a for-reals clip from the 1930s of what they thought fashion would be like in the year 2000.

To be honest, they weren't too far off. Plus this video has some of that old-fashioned well-intentioned sexism that I personally can't get enough of.

Next, a game, for those of you with time to waste. It's a delightful little point and click game where you try and shepherd a tiny bow-wielding ninja across an island to defeat a big ol' robot by clicking on various objects and enemy ninjas and solving the odd puzzle. I have played it to completion so if you get stuck, leave a comment and I'll give you some handy hints. Without further ado, here's Bowja the Ninja on Factory Island.

Thirdly, some publicity work for one of nature's most misunderstood creatures. The humble Goldfish is too often mocked for its supposed bad memory, but it is all lies! This One has been trained to do all manner of things and I hope all you fish-slanderers feel thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

One more, and frankly I don't think I need to give this any talking up. It's a film. This is the offical website for the sure-fire hit: Zombie Strippers.