Monday, 5 May 2008


Ahoy Hoy, I have been squirreling links away for this blorg, thinking that it would be handy to have a stockpile in case the internet ever goes through a bit of a dry spell, but considering the fact that I have been 'surfing' the 'web' for years now and I don't think I have ever not been able to find something to entertain me, why not just chuck 'em all in here as I find them? So, here are the fruits of my recent excursions into the linky wilderness.

First (and mainly because I don't like to rely too much on video links and by placing this one here, I get the maximum distance between it and the last post that was also a video, thus fooling you into thinking that I am keeping it fresh and funky and f... f... fan-fucking-tastic!), have this video:
It's a for-reals clip from the 1930s of what they thought fashion would be like in the year 2000.

To be honest, they weren't too far off. Plus this video has some of that old-fashioned well-intentioned sexism that I personally can't get enough of.

Next, a game, for those of you with time to waste. It's a delightful little point and click game where you try and shepherd a tiny bow-wielding ninja across an island to defeat a big ol' robot by clicking on various objects and enemy ninjas and solving the odd puzzle. I have played it to completion so if you get stuck, leave a comment and I'll give you some handy hints. Without further ado, here's Bowja the Ninja on Factory Island.

Thirdly, some publicity work for one of nature's most misunderstood creatures. The humble Goldfish is too often mocked for its supposed bad memory, but it is all lies! This One has been trained to do all manner of things and I hope all you fish-slanderers feel thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

One more, and frankly I don't think I need to give this any talking up. It's a film. This is the offical website for the sure-fire hit: Zombie Strippers.

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