Monday, 19 December 2011

Plinxmas Vidvent Calendar - Day 19!

Youtube, eh. It's doing alright for itself. A hastily googled factoid for you here: Every minute, 35 hours of footage is uploaded to the site. That's ridiculous, right? One other thing that can be inferred from that; in 2011, an awful lot of that footage would have involved Autotune.

If you're not familiar with it, Autotune is a tool that takes any spoken word audio and makes it sound like a song. It was the tech behind the popular process of Songifying which really took off this year, bringing us such gems as Charlie Sheen's Infamous Interview, the lady who, try as she might, Can't Hug Every Cat and a lesson in Backin' Up.

Anyway, the most recent Songify hit takes inspiration from an already-pretty-hilarious infomercial for an American Taxidermist by the name of Chuck Testa.

Here's the ad, followed by the Songify version.

I dunno about you guys but I'll never be sure if anything is real ever again.

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