Thursday, 15 December 2011

Plinxmas Vidvent Calendar - Day 14(ish)!

Hey guys,
So I guess I'm a little late for the 14th update but hey, you wanna complain you can go jump in a lake.

I'll keep this brief as we're already behind schedule; Fireworks!

I love fireworks, and so do you. Everyone in their right mind loves fireworks. The only problem is that they are only effective at night. That's only a 50% success rate, which is pretty poor. I mean sure, you could let them off during the day but you wouldn't see anything, right? No good.

No, what you need is a daytime fireworks substitute. Did anyone suggest microchip-controlled explosions filled with coloured gunpowder? Well, that's astonishly prescient of you, award yourself a gold star. That's exactly what today's video features. Check it out, it has a weird, otherworldly quality.

Awesome. See you tomor... err, later today!

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