Friday, 2 December 2011

Plinxmas Vidvent Calendar - Day 2!

Hey so, having built up some goodwill with an insanely cute video yesterday, I thought it best to alienate 90% of you by nerding all over the place. Yay!

Minecraft. You either know what it is or you won't care what it is. Despite only just being officially released, this game has become a full blown creative revolution and like all other media, someone has used it to recreate, in painstaking detail, a Super Mario level. In most cases, that would be a gruelling endeavour, but in Minecraft (where everything is made of individual cubes) it's masochism on a breathtaking scale. Check it the heck out:

Allegedly madeup of 500 man hours, divided between 3 dorks and an astonishing eighteen million blocks, if you're interested in the 'how' of it, watch the Making Of video.

See you tomorrow!

Fun fact, every time I needed to type 'Minecraft' in this post, I accidentally typed 'Minceraft'. What is this mysterious mince raft, and could it really be the answer to all our transportation problems?! Tune in next time.

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