Saturday, 11 December 2010

On The 11th Day Of PlinXmas!

Evening! I don't have long as tonight Housemate James is doing a big Christmas meal. It's all Swedish food and drink. He's not Swedish, I'm not Swedish, No-one who is coming is Swedish, but hey who said these things have to make sense? Skål!

Anyway, here's a game. You play a supposedly rehabilitated lunatic who becomes a department store Santa, then goes on a rampage on top of a mountain with a big hammer.

Don't worry, it's less nasty than it sounds. It's all very cartoony and the central game mechanic is to make a big rock bounce down a mountainside causing damage as it goes. FUN!

So. Mountain... Check. Maniac... Check. It must be Mountain Maniac Xmas.

Who looks after Father Christmas when he's ill?

The National Elf Service!

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