Sunday, 5 December 2010

On The 5th Day Of PlinXmas!

Afternoon. So by this time, you must have started to think about presents. What you want, what you're buying others and of course, what you hope Santa will bring.

But have you ever spared a thought for what the poor old duffer goes through to get those gifts to you? Even if he took the optimum flight path, he has a maximum of 31 hours to deliver all the presents. So he must be sprinting along at a hell of a pace, cramming presents down chimneys, leaping over obstacles, dodging low hanging icebergs. Wait, what?

Ah yes, that's how things are in the game I have for you behind door #5! Control the portly present-packer as he jumps, slides and dunks in BlitzKringle! Word to the wise though, don't play it on easy. It gets boring quickly.

What do you call an eskimo's house without a toilet?

An Ig!

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