Monday, 4 January 2010

Never Mind The Blosics.

Hello, ready for your first physics game of the new year? This has actually been around a while but it got ignored in my scramble to provide christmas themed plinx.

It's called Blosics and it's a game in the 'chucky-ball-bouncy-knock-over-blocks' mould. But it's a good one!

You choose the power and direction of your shot and try to knock the green blocks off screen while (in some levels) keeping the red ones on screen. Also, there's a strategic decision to be made when choosing the size of your shot because it will detract from your score which needs to be over 100 for you to advance...

Ok, so that sounds more complicated then it actually is. Just play it and you'll pick it up in a snap. Also, the sound effects are pretty funny.

Play Blosics!

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