Monday, 25 January 2010

Self Satisfaction.

Whoops, not sure how I've let it get past a week with no plinx. I'm getting sloppy.

To distract you from my failings, here's a game! It's been around for a while but got passed over for plinking for reasons I no longer remember. Thanks to Andy for reminding me of its existence.

It's called The Company Of Myself and it manages a pretty unusual thing of being both fun and sad. It's a solid puzzle/platform game with a neat 'replay past actions' mechanic. This in itself is nothing new but rarely is it handled with such (and believe me, I know it's a weird thing to say about an online game) emotional intensity. It's a story of loss and loneliness, but as these things so often are, it's compelling. If you're a games geek, you'll appreciate the similarities to Braid.

Anyway, go and play it. Soak in the ambience.

Learn to enjoy The Company Of Myself.

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