Sunday, 10 January 2010

Spot The Difference.

Evening. Hope you're all somehow going about your lives despite the treacherous conditions. I fell over yesterday, but don't panic because I managed to contort my body in mid-air to avoid landing in such a way that would break the Kinder Egg in my pocket. A lucky escape, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm expecting a TV news crew at any moment.

ANYWAY, that's not why I've called you here today. I would like to direct your attention to another blog. This one belongs to a friend of a friend and is a genuine danger to your free time. I intended to dip in and read a few entries but now I've read the whole dang thing.

It's called 'London, Differently' and is the chronicled adventures of a girl who realised she was too broke to afford a holiday and decided to spend a year "rummaging through London to try on all kinds of the lives that are lived here." A champion idea, I'm sure you'll agree.

Now it would be all too easy to attempt something like this and only make pedestrian changes, but our author scoffs at that notion. Instead throwing herself whole-heartedly into the breach: Becoming a vampire. Getting covered in various animal poops and, yes... Taking a short break in a nudist camp only to discover it was in fact a sex camp.

Anyway, it's fascinating, inspiring and well-written to the point that it makes me feel bad about my own piss-poor writing skills. Hooray!

Have a squiz, it's London, Differently.

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London, Differently said...

I came across you when I discovered that, for the first time, people who weren't my mum were clicking on my blog (and she only reads it so she can better question my life choices). I finally linked you to Katy after a day of cheerfully confused slewthing. Thank you Paul, this completely made my day!

PS: I can testify from the number of people who clicked through from your blog that you have a LOT of readers, and that they really pay attention!