Monday, 29 June 2009

Yeah, But Is It Art?

It was a hot night, the kind that makes the air crackle with electricity. Every second that ticks by loaded with possibilities. The sky hangs heavy with menace. Somebody, somewhere is in trouble.

Ok yeah, I can't write bad-ass noir fiction for toffee. But hey, a lot of writers create good stuff without ever having to go down the pulpy noir route, right? I mean, it's not like EVERYTHING is better if it's brooding and faux-40s.

Ok, so I guess I was wrong. Noir-style posters can really sex up an already impressive story.

Need more proof?

The Punisher.

All via This Guy's DeviantArt page.

Ok, point proven. Guess I'll slip back into the poisonous night. Somehow I suspect our paths will cross again. So long, toots.

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