Friday, 26 June 2009

Hugenormous Bangsplosion.

Hello, the following link is a game, but it is also something else that I'm pretty fond of. It's a portmanteau, which is a fancy way of saying that it is a blend of words. I like these a lot. In fact, the very name of this blog is a portmanteau. Plinx is after all, a blending of the word Paul and the word Links. With some bad spelling thrown in.

But I digress. This game is called Spacetacular Voyage and it's jolly good fun. It looks like a convential vertical scrolling space-shooter, but it isn't. There is no shooting to be done. Instead you have to avoid or bash out the way a series of falling blocks. If any of them pushes you to the bottom the screen, it's game over. To give yourself some breathing room, you can hit the space bar to trigger an explosion that'll push all the surrounding blocks away.

So enough from me. Go play Spacetacular Voyage.

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