Friday, 12 June 2009

The Distant Future. The Year 2000.

Got a few minutes? Presumably you have or you wouldn't be here. Well, check out this... well, I hesitate to call it a game as it is more akin to interactive fiction but one thing that I have no doubt about is how great it is. It's a point & click adventure called Little Wheel where you shepherd a little robot who has been awakened after a long period of downtime through his world on an important mission. (There is a wonderful animation that explains all this which I don't want to spoil so apologies for being vague.)

Anyway, the best thing would be to see for yourself. The presentation of this thing is really something so I encourage you to take your time. The course of action is never unclear as you get onscreen prompts and the robot you control is so cute, the way he keeps getting banged about but perseveres. Go see for yourself:

Little Wheel
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