Wednesday, 3 September 2008

This is an Automated Message.

This is a posthumous message from Paul Nelson. He spontaneously combusted earlier today but recorded this message to be delivered to his blog in the event of his untimely demise.

"Hey guys, I just found something magical. Anyone who has read this blog before or even just listened to me talk for a while will know 2 things for certain. I like zombies and I like Charlie Brooker. So, the news that the latter is scripting a tv series about the former made me squeal with delight. I'm about to watch the trailer and thought it best to write this now in case something untoward happens. If you want to see for yourself, the website is Here. It's going to be called 'Dead Set' and I'd bet money on it being fantastic. Just click the eye to see the trailer."


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perrex said...

That does look like a bit of fun.