Sunday, 21 September 2008

Seeing Stars.

Hello, I hope you have some time to waste. Because I bring you GAMES!

First up is the 3rd installment of a game series called Hoshi Saga. All you gots to do is find the star hidden in each puzzle. This is accomplished in a variety of different and creative ways. Some puzzles are easier than others. Try everything you can think of. The new one is Here. If you get stuck, go and check out the 1st and 2nd ones for practice.

The next game is so similar in premise to the Hoshi Saga games that I assumed they were by the same maker. Apparently not though. In Kagi Nochi Tobira (Don't worry about the Japanese games, there is no text involved), you need to find a key, then use it to open the door. If you've had a stab at the Hoshi games, you should know a few of the tricks used but this one is different enough to warrant a play.

I should point out that these are quite tricky games. Give it your best shot and if one particular puzzle has you flummoxed, just google for some help. I won't tell anyone.

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