Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Paul Is Games.

Hiya. I'm gonna make this quick because I'm supposed to be studying.

It's been a while since I showed you some games you didn't have to pay for. So today, I'm essentially letting you loose in an arcade with a never ending bag of 20p coins.

It's killing me that there isn't a way to combine 'plinx' and 'arcade' in a satisfactory manner that I could then use to describe posts like this from now until the end of time. Ideas on a postcard, kids.

Down to business. Earlier in the year, I linked you to a game called Blosics. Well now there's a sequel which improves on the original in every way, like a good sequel should but rarely does. There are more ball types, more block types, more of everything basically. So go play Blosics 2.

Onwards and upwards, quite literally. to a fast-paced platform game in the skies! It's called G-Switch and bears some resemblance to the previously plinked Canabalt but with a couple of important differences. It has a neat gravity-switching mechanic AND if you happen to be surrounded by enough people, you can play it in a frankly manic 6 player mode!

Finally, and to round out a trio of 'games that can be linked to other games previously featured in the blog' (now THAT is catchy) here's Mogo-Mogo. From the makers of Little Wheel, and if you remember that game, you should have all the reason you need to play this one. Stylistically fantastic and well thought out. it's a pointy clicky masterclass.

That's your lot. Have fun! I'm off to stick my nose in a book about computers. I think we know who got the better deal here.

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