Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Indie Cred.

Today I am setting up my travelling salesman booth again to let you know about an unmissable deal on some award-winning indie-designed games.

It's called the Indie Love Bundle and features 6 games for the low price of $20 (that's £12.80 to you, squire!). Bought seperately, these games would set you back $85. So however you slice it, that's a bargain. Plus, all profit goes to the game designers so you'd be helping to support the fledgling studios of tomorrow.

Included in the list are Machinarium (a full length game from the creators of beautiful point and click free online game Samorost and Its Sequel), And Yet It Moves (a puzzle platform game set in a hand-crafted paper world that won best indie game in an IGF awards ceremony) and Auditorium (an audio-visual feast of a puzzle game which you can play the scaled-down free online version of Here)
Also included are the games Aztaka, Eufloria & Osmos which I'm afraid I can't tell you much about because I had not heard of them until i purchased this bundle.

Anyway, I bought it. You should too. There's a preview video on the official site if you need more convincing. But hurry, this deal runs out on Friday!

The Indie Love Bundle.

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