Saturday, 13 February 2010


How'd you like to learn something? How about many, many things? Reddit recently ran a thread called 'What is the craziest fact you know that most people won't know?'. Not the most elegant question ever constructed but we'll let it go. What followed was a landslide of 'facts', some of which proving to be urban legends. One of them was so compelling that MY GOOD FRIEND (he's replied to at least 3 emails!) Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame wrote a Comic about it.

Anyway, it's a bit like every series of QI condensed into a forum thread (with all the nerdy humour and dick-facts that implies) and there's no way you could read even a small section of it without learning something or several somethings. Like I say, not everything in there is factual but in those instances, the internet pedant brigade are on hand to sort things out.

So yeah, read it! HERE.

Oh. Also, if you know where the name of this post comes from, you're a great big geek and you should be ashamed.

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