Tuesday, 7 April 2009

They're Dead, Dave.

Hello. It's time this blog had a splash of much-needed mortality. So let's talk about death! Specifically, the people that you have outlived and what they did. It's an interesting read, even if you're sprightly and young like I am, you'll have already outlived someone of note. For example:

Andrea Feldman was about 2 months younger than me when she died of suicide by defenestration on August 8, 1972. She was an actress and performance artist who was a Warhol Superstar and a regular at Max's Kansas City. She died 13 years before I were born.

That one was chosen for its legitimate use of the word 'defenestration', which is my favourite word!

So come on, who have you outlived? Read Dead At Your Age.

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