Wednesday, 15 April 2009

D'you Wanna Take This Outside?

You lookin' for trouble, sunshine? Fancy a fight do ya? Well, if you've got the cojones, I got three lads here that're itching for a bit of a rumble.

Ok, that's quite enough of the macho posturing. I'll get to the point. I want you to fight my three brutes. By which I mean, my three registered characters at

It's very easy, in fact, at first it appears ridiculously simplistic, once a fight is started, you have no input into what happens. You just let your avatar duke it out and see who comes out on top. However, win or lose, you get experience, and the more of that you get, the more cool upgrades you get. So you start off as a fairly weak warrior with maybe one weapon or perk, but as you level up, you get bigger and better kit. Anyway, the best way to learn is just to get on with it. So why not start your trial-by-fire by fighting my three:


I'm sure I thrashed you. Bwa ha ha. But keep fighting, and eventually you'll become as awesome as me.

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