Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Killing The Joke.

What is a Ghost's favourite meal?

Where do Policemen live?

What do you call a Dinosaur with one eye?

When is a Door not a Door?

Presumably, you know the punchlines to these jokes? We all do. So, why not undermine them totally until all sense of fun has been removed? Sounds like a laugh, right?

You bet it does! This concept was introduced to me by my good friend David, also known as FoldsFive, a minor internet celebrity who maintains a most triumphant blog called 'Myxamatoasties' which I recommend. He text me a couple, It made me chuckle and I text one back. Then the idea was posited that these would make a good blog.

This was the genesis of Killing the Joke. Check it out, tell your friends!

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