Monday, 2 March 2009

Yeah, But Is It Art?

Yes, hello. I have moved house and everything. Pretty cool, eh? I can't claim that this is the first post from the new plinx HQ because I'm at work. But let's not let that spoil things, eh?

Today's link is called Tiny Art Director. It's a blog written by an artist, who asks whis two three four year old daughter what he should paint, then submits the piece to her for critique. Generally, the pictures get rejected or approved with certain amendments. Anyway, the whole thing is very cute and worth a read. I'll show you:

The Brief: I'm going to tell you what to draw. Draw a dragon sneaking up on a girl. She's picking flowers.
The Critique: Daddy it's not supposed to be like that! He has dog legs! I'm so mad at you! I'm going to erase those legs! Daddy why did you do those legs??? [collapses in tears]
Job Status: Rejected.


Read the whole dang lot Here.

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