Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The T-Spot.

Tetris. Everybody, everywhere knows what that word means. For such a simple concept, it's done a decent job of conquering the world. So it's not unusual to find web stuff that pertains to it. In fact, this will be at least the 3rd time I have plinked about it already.

So here are your 2 (count 'em) Tetris links:

Firstly, there is Tetoris and I hope you don't think I am underestimating you by saying this, but you won't even be able to complete one line. Have a look, you'll understand. I've had it running in the background for my entire day at work so far and the screen isn't even half full!

Secondly, one of the most pervading things about the game is its iconic music. Huh, wonder what it'd be like with some lyrics. Too bad there isn't some crazy youtube guy who has made up his own. Oh wait, There Is!

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