Monday, 2 February 2009

Sleuth Diplomacy.

Right, this is going to be a pretty epic update. I am here today to talk to you about MS Paint Adventures. This will not be a link for the feeble-minded or sissy-panted.

MS Paint Adventures is a webcomic... of sorts. It's also a choose-your-own-adventure story... of sorts. To some extent it's a freeform experiment in user-submitted narrative... of sorts. What it most definitely is though, is bloody marvellous.

I'm a little late to the party in reporting this one. I've actually been reading it for a couple of months now but it has existed for much longer. It is currently spreading like wildfire though so I don't want you guys to be left out of the loop.

The way it works, in a nutshell: The overlord author (Andrew Hussie) starts a story with a single picture and then solicits suggestions from the community as to what should happen next. The best suggestion is drawn/animated and then there is another round of suggestions... and so on.

The current story started with THIS,
and has progressed through THIS,
and THIS,
and THIS,
and the situation as of today looks like THIS.

Pretty cool, huh? I'm not gonna lie to you, if you're interested in this, it's gonna cost your a fair chunk of your time. The current story has been running for over a year. Having read the whole dang thing though, I can tell you it's been worth it.

So yeah, if your PULCHRITUDE is high enough, I urge you to take on an MS Paint Adventure!

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