Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Gobble A Duke.

This isn't a sentence you're likely to hear too often. But darnit, the internet just makes too much sense!

Every so often, I'd rather have an unhinged stream of incomprehensible gibberish. Because sometimes, I see a page full of well thought out parables and it fills me with rage. Occasionally, what I want is disorder, chaos, dizzying madness.

Imagine if there was an application that took all the text from a website and bit off the ends of the words and replaced them with the ends of other words. Anarchy would ensue. Every simple idea would become a dense, symbolist poem.

But truth be told. I'd just like it if the words all looked funny. Hurr hurr hurr.

Anyway, we're in luck. Someone has done just that.

It's called The Eater Of Meaning and it's good for some rough chuckles.

See what it does to This Very Blog.
or to My Twitter Feed.


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