Friday, 28 November 2008


Babelfish. As for me you. The is supposed; That re-close friend. But among one side, perhaps me shouldn't has done that kind of hypothesis concerning my audience. My impoliteness how. Babelfish is the online language translation equipment. You think that we want being translated, placing on the text which whether the translation which what kind of language, and the button hits and obtains is appointed. At least theory. Actually, there is contradiction. When it is naturally, disordered theory becomes settled, it becomes simultaneously, depending upon inside that large even with the which small mistake. Therefore if it should continue to translate on front and back, that more and more becomes verification impossible. Therefore it is this link to translate your text in language, to translate next and what which for the second time laugh with your mistake therefore can loudly. Funny ones!

This message has been to Japan and back. When it left, it looked like this:

Babelfish. I assume you're familiar with it. But then, maybe I shouldn't be making such assumptions about my audience. How rude of me. Babelfish is an online language translation tool. You put in the text that you want translated and specify what language, then hit the button and you get the translation. In theory at least. In reality, there are discrepancies. Of course there are, and as chaos theory dictates, any small error becomes bigger over time. So if you were to keep translating back and forth, it becomes more and more unrecognisable. So what This Link does is to translate your text into a language and then translate it back again so you can chortle at the errors. Fun stuff!

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