Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Die, Robot.

Evening, all.
Wanna play a game? 2 games, even? Good, because that just so happens to be the content of this plinx post. What an astonishing coincidence.

These games are the two entries in a series called Crash the Robot. It's a physics puzzler that tasks you with arranging elements of a level so that the end result is the destruction of a hapless robot. Sounds mean, and it is. But it's ok, it's just a game.

The games feature balls, boxes, bombs, balloons, bounce-pads, buzzsaws and err... cannons. Generally the aim is to activate switches in the correct order to spell doom for your mechanical mate. Alarmingly, the switches in some levels seem to make him suicidal, as he'll pull out a drill, a hammer or some other device and voluntarily dismantle himself. Chilling.

Anyway, have fun!

Crash The Robot.
Crash The Robot: Explosive Edition.

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