Wednesday, 7 April 2010

This Too Shall Pass Me By.

Umm. Bit embarrassing, this. There's something I should have plinked ages ago but never got round to. Now it has been plastered all over the place and there's a very good chance you've seen it already. It's an OK Go video. Specifically, one featuring a huge, elaborate Rube Goldberg device. Here it is:

Now, considering my usually propensity to post OK Go videos AND Rube Goldberg videos, to miss out on this one when it seems almost laser-targeted at me is terrible. I'm losing my touch, man. Getting old. Past it.

Except, no. Maybe not. Maybe I can turn this around.

Because, you see, after coming out with the video, they opened a contest for people to make their own. So this IS relevant after all. Hooray! I'm back in the game. Suck it, everyone.

There's an interesting Interactive Floor Plan of the music video one and the site for the competition is Here.

One winner has already been announced. A worthy entry, I feel. Check it out:

Phew, alright. Panic over.

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