Friday, 9 April 2010

Care Package.

Evening. I'm on holiday! Woo! For the next week I shall be camping in (hopefully) sunny Devon. As such, I will not be here providing you with internet entertainment.

But panic not! I will use this post to stockpile some games that should keep you going until my triumphant return.

First, the new Nitrome effort: Tiny Castle. As usual, it has a familiar gameplay mechanic with a quirky twist. In this instance, it is a platform jumpin', princess rescuin', fireball dodgin' platformer that all takes place in the same space. things are kept interesting, however, due to the constantly changing nature of the level. Platforms are destroyed and rebuilt, irate wizards pull the odd switcheroo, the lights go out and... well, expect the unexpected. It's not a long game but it should keep you interested until the boss battle. So go, swing your sword and battle the monsters.

Something a bit different now. This one is a text adventure. For the non-geeks, that means a sort of choose-your-own-adventure, like the books, but without the need to flip through the pages every time you make a choice. This one is about being a captain in the navy and is WAY more compelling than I just made it sound. Give it a shot, as it were. It's called Choice Of Broadsides.

Aaaand, what list of games on plinx would be complete without a couple of physics puzzlers, or phuzzlers as the experts call them. Me. I'm the experts. First is Mechanics which is NOT about fixing cars, but rather is about placing cogs in the correct positions to get them turning and illuminating the light, or simply stacking them up so that none are lost in the abyss. It's gentle fun.

Continuing on a phuzzle tip, here's the Cover Orange series. That link was to the original. There's also a Sequel and a Player's Pack for all your orange covering needs. In all the games, the idea is to protect your smiley ball(s) from the coming storm of spikey things that threaten their existence. Look, since when have online games had to make sense. Just play them, you'll figure it out.

Right-o. I'm off! Have fun, kids.

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