Monday, 30 November 2009

Egg Feather Bird Of Hen.

Oops, no new plinx in a whole week. Sorry about that. Would a new game dry those tears?

Ok, so once in a while, a game comes along that I know is going to be good before I've even clicked on it. Sometimes, a description is all it takes... This is one such game:

"Help Dale get his chickens back from the Coyotes with the help of Peakot, his magic hen."

Yes, you heard right. This is a game when you control a dude with a magic hen. I nearly went straight ahead and posted the game without checking it out first, but I've been let down by seemingly guaranteed solid gold before. So I gave it a shot and am pleased to report that it is a charming little platform game. The controls are good, the aesthetic is pleasing and YOU CONTROL A DUDE WITH A MAGIC HEN!

Play Dale & Peakot


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