Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Hello! I'm a force for all that is good and pure today. It feels good. If you want in on the good karma action, you should definitely take part in this:

Ah, wait. I saw that. You grimaced at the word 'run', right? Well no need! It's only 5km. ANYONE can manage 5km. Especially since you needn't run a single step. You can jog, walk, hop, crawl or moonwalk if you really fancy it. The important thing is that you do it... in a Santa costume.

Oh right, yes, that small detail. You do 5km in a Santa costume. What kind of fool would do that, you ask? This Kind!

Anyway, the details are here:
You should really take part. It's a good cause and it'll be a fun day out, I promise.

But what if London is too far to go? Well then yeah, fair enough. You're excused.
EXCEPT NO WAIT, you can do the one that I'm doing! Yes, as per last year, I too will be running 5km in a Santa suit. Accompanied by friends, housemates, co-workers and even my dear old Mum. So come and join the fun. Details HERE.

But what if you're somewhere else in the UK? Well, You Figure It Out!

Come along, have fun. Get a freaking MEDAL!

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