Saturday, 31 October 2009

Plinxenstein's Monster.

BOO. Yeah, it is Hallowe'en and as such, I am bringing you a spooky games arcade to keep you entertained/cowering in fear, depending on how much of a sissy-pants you are.

First up: Some shooting courtesy of the ever-reliable Nitrome. Graveyard Shift is as close to a lightgun shooter style arcade game as you're likely to get in your browser. It requires you to shoot and zombies and other assorted nasties, rescue defenceless maidens and block incoming fire. All in the charismatic Nitome pixelly style. Fun Times.

Now no plinx gamestravaganza would be complete without a little physics puzzle game. Oh lordy how I love 'em. So here's Pumpkin Remover. A spookified version of the previously plinked Red Remover. The premise is the same, click the rotting pumpkins to get them off the screen and preserve the fresh ones. Go.

Lastly, an entirely insane action game about a killer shark terrorising Miami. It's... Miami Shark and is frenetic lunacy. Jump out of the water and bite people, boats, planes and anything else you can get your fearsome jaws around. It only has a tenuous connection to Hallowe'en but hey, bite me. No, not you Miami Shark. AIIIIEEEE!

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