Thursday, 8 October 2009


Dang, I'm kind of falling behind a bit. I think I'm getting old. Now I'm 25, it's a wonder I can still work an internet, let alone contribute to it in such a strapping, handsome way.

So today is a borrowed plink. Borrowed from Andy to be precise. So thanks, dude.

It's an article about an instrument called an Eigenharp. It's wholly remarkable and capable of making a vast number of different noises, but rather than trying to describe them onomatopoeia-style, check it out for yourself. There's a video and everything.

The best quote though is this:

"Described by its developers as 'the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made'.

One of my colleagues calls it more simply 'a sci-fi bassoon'."

So yeah, Looky Here.

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