Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Cube 3: Papercube.

Hello there. I have decided that you're wasting entirely too much time watching videos and playing games. It's about time you had something creative to do. Something that will get you away from your computer for a while. Something that lets you play with sharp implements. In short, something like Cubeecraft.

Pretty cool, eh? They have loads of different characters from films, tv, comics, games, etc in boxy form, click on the ones you like and it'll give you a print out that you can cut out and use to make the model! I practiced with a Mario coin block but I think I'm going to try something tougher next time. Anyways, they look great and give you the glow of satisfaction that you made something yourself. Hooray!
(Oh, as a side note, some of these characters are pretty obscure. If you recognise more than two thirds of them, you're probably a bit on the geeky side. Congrats!)

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