Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Confession. Part 2.

I need a bit more sweet release from my webcomic obsession (2 new ones added since last we broached the subject!) so allow me to present another set of virtual drawings that have made me their slave. This time, it is XKCD. The art style may be simplistic. Well, it doesn't get much simpler than stick figures. Any schmo can draw them, right? But the punchlines are often far from conventional. I consider myself to be a man of some intelligence, and parts of the stuff in this comic (especially the bits involving higher mathematics) are way beyond me. So, I hear you cry, what chance to we have? Well it's not all ubergeekery. Most of it is just plain funny. Take. A. Look. For. Yourself.

1 comment:

FoldsFive said...

xkcd is the only webcomic I read at all (now Perry Bible Fellowship seems to have died a death). THATS HOW GOOD IT IS.