Monday, 27 February 2012

This Cross'll Make Ya: Jump Jump.

Hey, remember when I plinked the astonishing flash game Super Mario Crossover? Well, there's a sequel now, and somehow, it's several orders of magnitude more astonishing.

If you can't be bothered looking at the old post, Crossover is a game that allows you to play through the original Super Mario Bros game as a bunch of other classic characters.

It sounds simple on paper but the amount of work involved must have been staggering. Well the sequel expands on the original in every way. More characters, more abilities and most disorientatingly, more art styles. Yeah, that's right. You can reskin the game to look like any era of 2D Mario game you like.

It's beautiful madness and it'll trip you up if you're a long-time gamer. I learned that some aspects of a Mario game are completely ingrained in my consciousness and are hard to subvert. Despite being told by the game that it wouldn't work, I tried again and again to stomp on goombas while playing as a non Mario Bro.

Anyway, I strongly urge you to play this game and every so often stop to marvel at how impressive a project it is. Not while you're mid-level though, the timer will run out.

Super Mario Crossover 2!

I'm SO sorry about that post title, by the way. Really I am. It sprouted in like my mind like a weed and I felt compelled to inflict it on you.

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