Thursday, 16 February 2012

SCUMM - A Review.

Hey guys.
I'd like to welcome you to the very first Plinx Book Review.
This doesn't represent a new 'direction' for the blog. It may well even be a one-off but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Anyway, let's crack on.

So the reason for this is that my buddy Edd (who was the animator behind these previously plinked gems) has done what I think we all secretly long to do and written a book. A real, pages-and-everything book!

This would have impressed me enough but it also happens to be a great book. A good, old-fashioned detective thriller set in the world of videogames! It's like he wrote it just for me.

It's called SCUMM (if you know what the significance of this is, you should really read it as you'll delight in the cavalcade of game references contained therein) and it looks like this:

Pretty neat, huh? It's the story of a detective named Richard who is trying to uncover the mystery behind a murder. It was written as part of a yearly book-writing event called NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month) which means the whole book was written in a month, one chapter a day. As a result, the story unfolds at a rollicking pace, as idea after idea comes tumbling out straight from Edd's brain onto the page (but not as messy as that sounds). The characters are whisked from a crime scene, through a fancy french bar, a mansion and a dingy alleyway to a suspiciously familiar area filled with spikes and springs which just happens to be called Springyard. There's also a marvellous chapter based on a certain cel-shaded, class-based multiplayer online FPS that somehow manages to remain thematically appropriate. It's a consistently surprising book that produces smirks on every page as some obscure game or aspect of gaming culture is referenced.

So yeah, I liked it a lot and I reckon you will too. If you think it sounds like your sort of thing, please consider getting yourself a copy. It's available HERE. Edd is charging the minimum amount he can for it as he's more interested in getting people to read it than turning a profit. In fact, buy a copy before the 19th of Feb and you can get 30% off with the discount code FEBRUARYCART305GBP.

So there we have it. The first Plinx Book Review.

Happy reading!

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