Monday, 18 May 2009

170 P on a U B.

Evening. I feel like I've been a bit dumbed down lately. Games about vomit, videos of people playing with brightly coloured balls, bogus news stories about a 'zombie virus'.
Well, today that's going to change. You've gotta think!

It's an intelligence test. Basically, there will be some sentences like the one in the title of this post where the main words have been reduced to just their first letter. The example given is '24 H in a D' which is, of course '24 Hours in a Day' (let me know in the comments if you've figured out what the post title one is).

Right. Here you go, thicky.
The Intelligence Test.
Get to it. I managed 30 of the 33 there.

If you fancy a few more, harder ones. There are 4 more parts. Here are the links, along with my current scores.

Part 2. (16/24)
Part 3. (9/20)
Part 4. (8/18)
Part 5. (Not started this one yet!)

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