Sunday, 13 July 2008

Makin' Bacon.

Meat and chocolate. Both great on their own, no question. But they should be kept apart, right? Wrong.

I discovered this at a new year's eve party a couple of years ago when I put a mini sausage wrapped in bacon under a chocolate fountain. The resulting mess was, in a word, delicious. Since that day I have been preaching the good word of choc'n'meat to all and sundry. But you people never seem to believe me.

But now, I have found a kindred spirit. Someone who understands. Someone with the drive and ambition to creat a new kind of snack. Behold... The Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Careful now, don't drool on your keyboard. Instead, read about this exercise in confection perfection (inc. the recipe) right Here.

Oh, and if you make some. Save one for me, won't you? Ta.

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