Wednesday, 11 April 2012

BOL - Barking Out Loud.

Right, I haven't had time yet to properly fix my blog so you'll have to put up with this generic template for now.
Doesn't mean there won't be links though!

Today's is a tumblr that is currently experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. There's bound to be a book deal on the way so let's enjoy them now before the author makes his first million and stops posting so he can focus on golden jetski ownership and caviar & chips.

It's called Text From Dog and it's a collection of text conversations between one man and his pet bulldog. Occasionally a mite heavy handed with the punchlines but on the whole, good stuff. I'll put an example below but please do read the archive.

Tee hee. Oh, I should have said, the language is a bit salty but hey, we're all adults, right?

Anyway, go and read the rest: Text From Dog.

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