Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Park In It, Man.

There's a chance that you're reading this at night. A smaller chance that it is night-time and you can see the sky from where you are and a smaller-still chance that it is night-time, you can see the sky and it is clear enough for there to be stars.

But if you DO meet all those criteria, have a gawp at the twinkly devils now. Nice isn't it? Wish we could see more of what's going on up there. My limited knowledge of the cosmic ballet is such that I know that celestial bodies are forever spinning around each other. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could watch. Or, at the very least, see a simplified representation in our browsers.

Well friends, your prayers are partially answered! Peep this:

The Solar System.

Hooray for space! While you're there click down in the bottom right to convert to a Tychonian representation. Now you can have it trace the orbit of any planet you choose. Essentially creating a galactic spirograph.


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