Sunday, 20 February 2011

Seed Of Doubt.

Morning all.

Not really sure how to classify today's plink. It's a game in as much as it is technically interactive, but all you really do is click and watch events unfold.

In online gaming circles, things like this are called webtoys. Cute, right?

This one, named Mitoza, is a particularly polished example. It starts with a seed (well, technically it starts with an adorable loading screen) and offers you two choices. A flowerpot or a bird. Clicking one will cause something to happen to the seed, it will grow into a plant or get eaten by a robin respectively. Anyway, you keep making choice after choice and eventually you'll end up with a company of flies performing Hamlet or an ice cream stand inside an egg run by a devilish aubergine. Inevitably, you always revert to a single seed and the process begins anew.

There are so many permutations that I'm still discovering new ones. Give it a try and report back with your discoveries.


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