Monday, 23 August 2010


So the world is a pretty confusing place, right? That's why we invented Science! But soon, there was so much Science! around that people got pretty confused and started believing all kinds of stuff. I mean seriously... homeopathy? Come on now.

Anyway, thankfully some stalwart individuals have dedicated themselves to sifting through all the wayward Science! and drip-feeding us the essentials in handy blog format. That blog is... Fake Science and you can find such gems there as:

How Solar Power works!

How to stay cool!

and How to tell if you are Radioactive!

But the best and brightest evidence why these guys are worth your time is because they endorse this very blog. The one you're reading right now!

Now, as any proponent of Science! knows, you need proof if you're going to make claims. So here it is (click to enlarge):

Oh yeah, I've hit the big time.

So read up and tame the wild beast that is Science!.. today.

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FoldsFive said...

Hurrah! Official affirmation for your blog - and as it has a basis in SCIENCE it can't be argued with.