Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Full Moon Over Wowtown.

Hey there.
I know you're accustomed to me just heaping free entertainment in your laps every couple of days but today is different. Like with the Indie Love Bundle, today's episode of plinx calls on you to dig deep in those pockets. As always, however, I don't do this without good reason. Today is no exception.

Thomas Truax is a man who deserves to be on your radar. He is a songwriter, a performer and an inventor and he puts on a heck of a live show involving instruments that he has designed and built himself. His music sounds like nothing else and he is starting to see some success. It's impossible to capture the spirit of a live show in any useful form but there are some tracks on His Myspace and you can watch a video of Thomas introducing his 'band' of fantastical instruments right here:

Now, he has a new album that, to quote the man himself "sits smoking on the pad, ready for launch, yet sadly just short of the fuel it needs for a proper lift-off" and is asking for help from the music community. If you have any interest at all in the man or his music, you can take part in a program called 'pledgemusic' which allows fans to directly influence the release of the music they love, enabling them to be a part of the process and in this case, get rewarded for it!

Y'see, all you have to do is 'pledge' to buy the album (for 8 measly pounds!) and, should it get enough supporters to reach the amount required, you get the album. However, if you wish to help even more, you can pay slightly (or not so slightly, depending on your inclination) more and get a 'reward'. Anything from a signed limited edition poster, to a private gig in your house!

Anyway, I think this is a great idea and am very much looking forward to receiving my album and poster, as well as the feeling that I have played a part in the release of something amazing. If you want in, have a look at the pledge site Here.

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Paul said...

daww, the man himself sent me a thank you message on twitter. what a class act!

just another reason why you should get involved!