Sunday, 13 April 2008

Masai Marathon

As the London Marathon was today (hope all the Macmillan stuff went well Katy), I have a related link to post. Apparently there was a group of 6 Masai Warriors running in the marathon. They were given a brief guide to Britain to help them avoid getting in trouble. It included such pearls of wisdom as this:

"You will see many people who are wearing only small clothes and you will wonder why they are cold and may think they are being disrespectful. This is normal for England, especially when it is sunny or in the evening. However, it is illegal to show certain parts of the body and for this reason it is important that you wear underpants if you are wearing your blankets."

I think we could all do well to remember that.

Anyway, there is a Telegraph article about it Here which is well worth a read.

Also, I have just read that they raised £26,687 so far, which is fantastic as the money is being used to provide their village with clean water.

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